Saturday, February 22, 2014

Downs and Ups. My Style

This week I had my first hair mishap in 20+ years! It started, because of this:


I love curls. Living in a very masculine household (even the pets are males), I grab girly stuff with both hands. This year my style has leaned more and more to the really feminine look. However to achieve this look takes me over an hour! Quite frankly I don't have the time, or the patience, to spend that long doing it every day. 

So I decided to perm it. Myself.
(Any body who knows anything about hair, probably just gasped)

I took several hours Thursday evening putting curlers in, not small ones, I wanted loose curls. Then I followed the instructions on the box, the timing etc. then I took the curlers out and rinsed.........and attempted to brush my hair.

I say attempted, because it was a tangled mess and most of the ends were coming off with the brush!?
I had burnt my hair.......totally ruined it. I had a bit of a panic, then figured it just meant a new style! 

It's just hair, worse things could happen.

So I contacted a friend, that's also a hairdresser, and prayed she would have an early morning appointment. Luckily she did and, she managed to save it!
I now look like this:

Thanks to my friend at @Kahunahair I still have some style AND some hair!!

The only thing I'm not totally happy with is the colour. The perm took most of my colour out. I don't want to risk a permanent colour change, for a while. So I'll have to find a wacky temp colour for now.  It's just plenty of conditioning for the foreseeable future and.......



  1. It looks really nice and I like how she's put so much body into it too!


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