Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Less Wobbly Wednesday!

I can't stop smiling! I posted on Monday, in my meal plan, that I was nervous this week. I had resorted to take-aways, as life had got in the know what I mean. I hadn't shopped properly for the Meal Plan I had drawn up either.

This all left me extremely concerned about weighing in today. I do try to make the right choices, so the damage is not too significant. Leaving off sauces and condiments, requesting things plain, obviously I am beginning to know what I am doing as this week I lost.........


That is now a total of 16.5lb since joining Slimming World online.

How is that for good going! Now ladies and gents that do the Wobble Wednesday (or others that can offer support), I need some advice. Or even just being told I am not alone in this. 

I can't see the loss!

The scales say I have lost weight.
My clothing even says I have lost weight.
My husband is determined that I look like I am losing weight.

But when I look down at myself, or look in the mirror, I still look exactly the same. I caught my reflection in a shop window, yesterday. I still looked huge to me. I am by no means twiggy! I have a very long way to go, just to be classed as overweight, but I thought I would of seen some difference?

So, my dear readers, is that common? Were you once very overweight and understand where I am coming from? I would love to hear from you, supporting one another is so important in this life long journey.


  1. Woohoo go you !! That's fantastic ! What you should do is take a full length photo in tight clothing, then come back to it in 3/6/12 months, then you'll notice the difference (even if you'll hate it when you take it !) Or go back to last year's summer holiday photos and compare with now. Thanks for linking up on the Sunday weigh-in post xx

  2. Well done. You are doing amazing! Yep progress pics, take pics once a month and you'll soon start seeing the difference. It's hard though to get out of a big state of mind, but you'll get there xx

  3. Congratulations, that is a massive loss!

    I'm with you, I've been at both ends, I suffered from an eating disorder when I was young, well really it lasted until a couple of years back. No matter how small I got I forever saw myself as huge, now I am bigger but I've lost over 50lbs, in my head it just feels like 5.

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

  4. Well done you! So pleased for you. I agree, take a picture once a month in the same clothes and you will start to see a difference. Thanks for linking up x


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