Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Wobbles Wednesday is back!

The lovely Autism Mumma has decided to bring back the wobbles Wednesday linky. 
Thank Goodness!

I was considering starting something similar myself, but I am not particularly successful in the linky department. So I'm very glad she has taken the lead! I do know that the old 'I will lose weight' resolution, is a bit predictable. But thus year it really HAS to be.

Before Christmas, I had a call off my doctor. He had asked me to make an appointment, but as my 3monthly diabetic blood test was due, he said a phone call would do. Then I was to see him, when the results came in.

The phone call was about my kidneys. You see, I already take 2 different tablets for my diabetes, 1 for my blood pressure and one for my cholesterol. But none of them are particularly 'under control'.  Now he's telling me that I have some protein seeping in, which means I really have to get everything fully under control, the sooner the better.

So today, I sat down with the hubby and 2 eldest for dinner (little A rarely joins us) and explained that things HAVE to change. I was quite doom and gloom about it, but if I don't get their support, well then it does get serious.

So that all leads me to make the same resolution that I do 

Will I stick to it? Come along for the ride and see..............and kick my ass if I slip!! 

I shall be linking up with autism Mumma,  just click on her name  to join in :-) 


  1. Fingers crossed we can stick to our resolutions this year! All the best.

  2. Thanks for linking up, Wobbles took a break but I'm glad it's back too. Good luck for the week ahead x


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