Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Successful Wobble Wednesday!

I'm so happy to be involved with this weeks Wobbles Wednesday!!

Apart from the fact that I am LOVING the group of people that get involved with it (so, so supportive). I am loving it because I get a place to show off, when I lose......


Yes, I really did!!

After last weeks abysmal showing of a +4, I was determined not to be defeated. 
I listened to friends. 
I read every one else's posts on the link, and realised I am not alone.
Then I stuck to plan!
I am no saint, and I love a chocolate biscuit with my cups of (black) coffee, but I really put some effort in to myself.

I shall not be defeated this week either.
I am struggling to stick to plan today, as my car has gone kaput and I simply don't have the time to go shopping, by foot or bus, for the food I need for tea. However, I have veg in the freezer, baked potatoes in the veg bowl and, a freezer full of stuff to make the boys dinner. So even though staying bang on plan is not possible, staying pretty damn close to it is.

But the whole week isn't a problem, I can get what I need for a free Spag Bol tomorrow, in the morning. I can also pick up some free pickies and sides.

So I expect a loss next week too, and I don't care if it's only 0.5lb......I really don't. 
Because my only focus now is to keep it going in the right direction.

Good luck to all my fellow Wobblers, if you want to show support, pop over to Autism Mummas blog and click on the other people joining in. If you are not a blogger and fancy sharing the support, leave me a comment. Any help I can offer is there, we all need each other in this fight to get, and stay, healthy.


I do love comments and read them all, please be nice and tboughful to others x