Thursday, January 16, 2014

Should I be worried?

Last night little A climbed into our bed to go to sleep. He never goes asleep on his own, as he has a fear of being alone, so normally it's either our bed or his biggest brothers bed. As he was going to sleep, I managed to egg him to open up, just a little.

I am very fortunate that little A can talk. At one point he did lose his speech, but main stream nursery and a lot of support, brought it back. He does have the funniest little accent however! I think it may be the iPad that is to blame, as it gave us a lot of help in getting him to talk.

Anyway, we got some sleepy talk out of him last night.
The main thing I wanted to talk about was 'Dino'.

Dino gets mentioned a lot in our house, I haven't had a chance to ask in school yet. I've spoken a lot about little A's stimming, or remembering as he calls it. When he's doing it, he is constantly talking, you can't listen or respond though. The only person involved in these conversations is Dino. When he is putting himself in a situation, or re living something, it's Dino he's talking to. If he says something I am surprised by, something I didn't realise he understood or knew, he says Dino taught him.

You've probably guessed the problem...........Dino doesn't exist!

So last night, during our sleepy chat, I asked about Dino. Little A knows he isn't real, but has formed a real age, personality, country.......everything for Dino, in his head. We asked him how he met Dino. He told me that Dino was lost in the Forest, in his brain, and that he found him.

Dino has his own teachers, and learns stuff. Dino does Mod reviews on YouTube. Dino is around 11/12 (about the same age as RJ).

Dino doesn't do bad things, doesn't make little A do bad things. In fact he seems quite nice!

So should I be worried? Do other Autistic children have these types of 'friends', or is it something I should be asking a professional about.

Quite frankly, I am baffled.


  1. My youngest has an imaginary friend called Norman.....She really freaks me out sometimes having a conversation with him....I'm sure it's a ghost as she only talks to him when she's in her bedroom!! lol

    1. Oh goodness, that would freak me out too! He talks about Dino, more than to him.........I think. It's very difficult to explain! lol x


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