Saturday, January 11, 2014


I thought I would share a little post with you today. Something that made me smile.

As you know, little A is diagnosed with autism. One of the things my son does, which is common in many children with Autism, is stim. It's a word made up specially for the stimulation created by movement/sound. If you see a child in a supermarket making noises and flapping their hands, for example. Then it is probably that child doing something that they find comforting, to get them through a traumatic thing (Shopping was always awful for RJ). To be fair, this doesn't mean the child is autistic, it may simply be a comfort thing. 

Little A also runs and talks...........a lot!  This is mostly if the experience is enjoyable though. If he is watching a film or T.V. programme he loves, he will run/skip back and forth, talking about the programme (and often putting himself in the action, but in the 3rd person). He uses this method A LOT, For so many situations.

Recently he came up with a name for it. I had heard him ask a question, assuming it was aimed at me, I answered. 
To which he responded:

"No, not you. I'm remembering!"

And it stuck.

This week they went back to school, where there have been some little changes made in the room. One of the areas has been turned into a supermarket! These little changes will make an impact on little A, so this week he's been stimming a lot in school. 

Leaving the school the other day, I asked him what he had been doing that day?

"I've been remembering"

"Oh, ok, what have you been remembering?"

"I don't know"

"So you don't remember what you were remembering?"


Welcome to my world folks!!

Made me smile, hope it did you to.


  1. He's not alone, I've no idea what I remember most days ;) Thanks so much for linking

    1. I was thinking just the same Helen :) Lovely post Ojo x

  2. Yes, it did make me smile.... a very big huge smile! :-)

  3. Oh I love this. I never remember what I am supposed to be remembering lol! #funee


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