Thursday, January 02, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful 02/01

Don't forget that for the month of January, reasons to be cheerful is with the lovely Becky at Lakes Single Mum. We shall be sharing it month to month, and have created a shiny new badge each, to celebrate it!

Here's Becky's, just click on it and you will be transported to her wonderful blog:

Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm not feeling particularly cheerful today. My dog has had a lump on his leg for around 12 months, it's been checked and was found to be not too serious. All of a sudden, in the last 24 hours, it's doubled in size and, today, started pouring with blood! I got him to the vet and she's quite concerned, because his whole leg has now swollen to twice the size. She and I are very, very worried. 

However it's days like this that the blog hop was originally created, find something that makes you smile, to make the bad times easier to deal with.  With that in mind, here are my reasons:

1. Sometimes I think we take advantage of the things we have, readily available, in this country. Medical care for us and our animals. Today I needed a vet.......I was in one within an hour. So many of our services are like this, something we should be thankful for.

2. A peaceful New Year's Eve. We had a night of Chinese food and family, the 2 youngest went to bed early, but later than normal. Then me, the hubby and the eldest watched a stand up comic on DVD, and saw the new year in with giggles. Perfect.

3. Supportive friends. Last night I joined slimming world online and had some fantastic, supportive comments. The best part is, they will give me good ideas and kick my butt when needed.  As good as going to a group!

That's my reasons this week. Do you have any? Either share with me, in a comment. Or you can join in the bog hop below.


  1. do hope your dog is OK. lovely reasons and yes our healthcare for us and our pets is fab

  2. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the services that we have like doctors and vets and schools and supermarkets and the rest. Thanks for the reminder and I hope that your dog will be okay xx

  3. Your NYE sounds perfect to me. I pray your dog is OK? Mich x


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