Monday, January 20, 2014

Meal Plan Monday 20/01

After a blissfully relaxing weekend away.....without children! I have come back to earth with a bump. First thing on the list, yesterday afternoon, was sorting a Meal plan.

However.... After writing it, then NOT shopping for it, then having a bit of a chaotic day......It has already gone wrong! So I shall share with you a meal plan, that may or may not happen, depending on whether I have time to shop.

Meal Planning Monday

Homemade soup.......
except now we're having a roast dinner, with a Bernard Matthews Turkey roast!
Pork chops, with mash and onion gravy
Cheese and Potato Pie
Cottage Pie
Homemade Chicken Kiev
Slow Cooked Gammon, with corn on the cob
and Jacket potato
As always....A ROAST

I am still attempting to stick to Slimming World eating (It may have gone a little wrong this past weekend). So all meals will be made as healthy as possible. If the Chicken Kiev goes to plan, I shall share the recipe.

Have you got a plan for the week? I do love having a nose around and getting inspiration, so feel free to share it with me!


  1. Good luck with the meal plan!
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend away x


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