Monday, January 13, 2014

Meal Plan and Kitchen Towels

Hubby wrote out the meal plan this week, and then took a I don't have to type it all out. Good man.
Meal Planning Monday

So here is this weeks plan:

As you may see, Fri, Sat and Sun we are away!! My mum has decided we NEED a break (a sleep). So she is setting up camp at my house, for the weekend with my boys, and I shall be in a Premier Inn. Below us is a Brewers Fayre, so that's my food sorted, the boys will probably have a weekend of take out. My mum doesn't like using my cooker as it's gas and she has electric. One weekend won't hurt.

I wanted to share a review with some of my foodie friends and readers today. Before Christmas I got sent a new type of kitchen towel. I know, I know......a new type of kitchen towel? They're all the same, right?!

Well actually no. This is called Ora, the best place to find them is on Facebook/Orahome (just click to go there). For starters, this is how it looks:

They were especially good for putting
under my Xmas cake!
Wasn't expecting that, were you! They are fab! We have used them for Baking and Making. We were asked to do with them what we wanted, then report back. Apart from the usual uses, we have made snowflakes, left notes.......all sorts!
We made snowflakes
Used them for soaking up the fat on food.
they fit lovely in the bottom of RJ's
Baking tub.

They have been awesome and I still have some left. They are good for so much.

I think the oddest use I found for it, was on my day out, just before Christmas. I had woken up on the day of my trip to Cardiff with a terrible nosebleed. So planning ahead, I stuck a couple of the Ora Wipes in my pocket. Halfway to Cardiff my nose started bleeding again....Out came the Ora.
I am not joking........they are SUPER absorbent. They kept me clean all the way to Cardiff!

How's that for a review!! All kidding aside, though, they really are fabulous. They didn't fall apart when I used them for Chicken, straight out of the oven. They are super absorbent. 

A good tip for my Foodie friends


  1. Have a fab weekend away!!
    That kitchen towel does look fab!!

    1. Thank you! And they really were, would recommend them x

  2. Oooh a weekend away! Lucky you, have a great time! I'll keep an eye out for the kitchen towels :-) x

    1. Now I just have to drop the guilt! lol x


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