Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lumping Parents together again!

My favourite time of the morning is after the children go to school. I have tidied up, made a cup of coffee and sat down to my daily dose of This Morning. Call it what you want, but it is my favourite.

I love to sit and watch the news review with their varying, honest opinions (whether I agree or not, discussion is good).This morning they were discussing this news report. As it was discussed, my blood boiled!

It's not the actual report that got my blood boiling, even most of the opinions were against it, like me.

What got my back up was the reasons people were against it, this is why:

My children are often late for school. I am really sorry about this, I really do feel terrible. As far as my teen goes.......I do everything I can, but he hates registration with a passion. I may be able to get him out of the house on time, but aside from walking him right up to the school gates, there's not much else I can do. Sometimes he is late because of me. It's because something has happened in the morning, and I need his help.

Then I have the organisation issues. I have to keep everything to plan in the morning, or I will fail. But things happen......this morning, for example, RJ had a bit of a wobble. It throws the whole morning up in the air. Which equals lateness.

What has absolutely p!ssed me off is the 'lumping together'.

Every programme that discussed this news report claimed that it was unfair, because: 

'The children come from chaotic homes'
'The parents don't work for a living, so have no incentive to get up'
'The children mostly come from poor households'

These sentences were actually said, by educated people!

Yes, I agree in a some cases it will be true. But, yet again, all parents are being banded together as inadequate. 

What about children who can't cope with being on time, because there are too many people around?
What about the parents that are ill, and are trying their best?
What about the families, where the parents ARE working and trying their bloody best?

So no, I do not agree that you should be fining parents! I do agree that if it is a persistent problem, a solution should be found, but punishing people without all the facts?

How can that be right?

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  1. Jo your so right my son had to have routine if things didn't go to plan we were late a fine would not have helped things


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