Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Review and Give Away, with Air wick

Just before Christmas, Air Wick asked if they could send me a scented candles from their range, and tell them what I thought about it. 
Obviously I said yes! I mean, I have 3 boys and a dog!

Anyway, I received the candle about a week later. Thank you very much I thought, lit it up on a daily basis.........

And completely forgot I was supposed to be writing a review! 

Honestly, it's still going!

Ok, I shall stop with the exclamation marks now.

Down to the facts. I had the new Air Wick Essential Pearls Scented Candles, in Amber Mandarin Glow. This is what Air Wick say about this new candle:

Essential Pearls is the new Air Wick candle with a core of scented pearls infused with essential oils and surrounded by a fragranced gel.
As each pearl melts it releases a burst of fragrance that enhances the scent in the room again and again to create an indulgent atmosphere.

What do I have to say? I loved it, if you are a lover of scented candles (and who isn't?), you will love it too. The scent was very warming and not too sickly. I have found some 'winter' style scented candles are too strong to leave burning for any length of time.

Even though you can leave this candle burning for a while (but please insure safety. Be sensible and never leave a room with a burning candle), this candle doesn't need to be left for a long time. The warming smell radiates through the room.

The candle itself is very pretty, and stays pretty as it burns:

This has been burning, on and off, since before Christmas!

The only thing, and it really is a silly little thing. It's awkward to light as it burns down, but only if you're using a lighter. If you have matches this won't even be an issue.

I will be buying these again, definitely.
The lovely people at Air Wick have also said, they will send one to one of you, my lovely readers. So for the next week, leave a comment for me on facebook, twitter, G+ or on here, I will put all the names in a hat and one of my lovely boys to randomly pick one out.

So if you fancy trying out one of these lovely candles, let me know.
The competition will run until 01/02/2014
One winner will be randomly selected from a draw
The winner will need to send me an email address,
which I will forward on to the sponsors.
If no response is given by winner, on being informed, within 48hours. Another winner will be drawn.


  1. Ohh I love a good candle! This one looks fab! Really seems to be lasting well!! I would love to try one x

    1. I shall drop your name in the mix my lovely x

  2. Love a good scented candle!! I'd love to try an Air Wick candle!

  3. I love candles for my reiki room xx


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