Wednesday, January 15, 2014

50 books in 2013 roundup

It's time to start reading again, I knew about this new challenge at the beginning of the year....
I just haven't managed a book yet!

I have managed a couple of trashy magazines, can I add those?

Any way, I thought before I started this years page, I would round up last years.

Which book was your favourite?

I think it has to be The 100 year old man that climbed out of a window and disappeared. It was an intriguing book, that you will either love or hate! I honestly think it is a book that every one should read. It had some fabulous laugh out loud moments, as well as touching on some moments that were important in history. I can see me reading it again.

Most hard hitting book?

It has to be Broken by Shy Keenan. I follow this woman on twitter, she is a strong voice against child abuse, and support of the children involved. Reading how she was brought up is horrifying, but a must read. She tells her story with such honesty, it will leave you wanting to do something, anything to help.

Best Thriller?

Hmmm, a hard one, as I am a huge fan of crime and thriller books. I love a book that you can lose yourself in, that keeps you hooked. Looking through my list, there are 2 that stand out for me: Shelter and Seconds Away by Harlan Coben. These books followed on from one another, I must admit, I downloaded the second one as soon as I finished the first. It really was a 'page turner'.

First book in 2014?

My first book, which was my 29th in 2013 (only got a couple of pages in) is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. Not sure how I feel about it yet! It is a bit of an odd read if I'm honest. Flitting back and forth, you need a good memory for names. Unfortantely I do not. So wish me luck!

I shall leave my 50 books in 2013 page up until the beginning of next week, in case you fancy trying any of the books. After that, I shall start up my 2014 list. It is being run by Ups & Downs, Smiles & Frowns, so if you fancy joining in, please do. You do not need a blog, just follow one of us on Facebook, Twitter, or hashtag  #50books2014. Let us know how you are getting on.

I am hoping to beat my score for last year, this is not a competition, but I do want to challenge myself to beat last years number..................So I'm off to read!!

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  1. Included this in the January round up :) xx


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