Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 Year in Review Q&A

I got tagged to do this one by one of my lovely fellow Welsh bloggers, Mama You Talk?

Yes, it's a Review of 2013, you got that didn't you? But this is a very bloggy type of round up. I have read a few myself, I've even showed up as the answer to one question! Very pleased about that!

There are a few rules, not many thankfully, I am not great with rules!
1. Link back to the Blogger that tagged you. (Done)

2. Answer the questions and tag, at least, 5 other bloggers. (I'm not sure that I can do this, as so many have already done it!)

3. Include the badge in your post......

So if you're curious, read on.......

1. Name your top 5 new blogs to read

(The blogs themselves are not new, but I have loved them in 2013)

2. List your 5 most read blogs in 2013

Odd selection I think! (probably spammy)

3. Name one Blog you wish you had found sooner.

I dearly love this blog. The photography is breathtaking.

4. Your favourite Blog post

I really loved writing this one!

5. What would you like to improve (if anything) on your blog in 2014?

I want to expand what I write about? I have changed my header picture to incorporate this. I want to break into style, both personal and home. I just want to continue to write freely.

6. Name one Blog you have a Blog crush on

This is such an easy one! I want to be
and if I can't be her, I want to live with her!

7. How often do you post?

Almost every day, I have a head full of crap that needs regular emptying.

8. Share your 1st post of 2013

9. Name the one thing you would be doing right now, if you weren't blogging

Probably reading my kindle, or a magazine. Once everyone comes home at the end of their days, I tend to get ignored, so reading it is.

10. What have you loved the most about Blogging this year.

Easy..........Not feeling alone.

I really can't think of anyone to tag, that hasn't been already! However, if your name is mentioned somewhere on this blog, I would love for you to join in, then let me know and I'll add your link to the bottom of this page!

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