Monday, December 09, 2013

Themed Stockings

It's December, so it's OK to talk about Christmas now........right?!

Oh come on all you scrooges at the back, it's not that long now. Even if you stick with the 12 days before and after rule, in regards to trimmings, you will be decorating in 4 days! Yes it really is that soon.

So, with that in mind, I have decided to talk about a bit of a 'tradition'. It started when I was in my teens, the ~themed stocking~ What is it, I hear you cry........No? really?! Tough crowd.

My mum has a wicked sense of humour, and has always done a joke present. For example, the one year she bought my brother, that detests false teeth, a set of wind up false teeth! 
Funny?.....Definitely! A little cruel? Pah, nooooo.

Any way, one year, she went with a full on joke Christmas Stocking. I was a teen in the 80's, think big hair kept solid with mousse and hair spray, it did not move. So my mum filled my stocking with hair spray, and body spray (impulse was relatively new, and I was obsessed with it).

I thought it was inspired and very, very funny.

Now I have my own children. I have always done a 'themed' stocking. It has always been the place I put their chocolates, and a novelty toothbrush/toothpaste (If there is room, I will add a little gift). Mostly though it is always the 1st two. The theme is obvious, the kids love the sweets, but they have to learn how to look after their teeth with it! 

As they are growing, particularly the eldest, their sense of humour is growing with them. So the fun started.
Last year, my eldest was highly amused by the fact that that his stocking was filled with all different types of energy drinks! Now, before you all jump on the 'you shouldn't do that' bandwagon, his stocking was average many do you think I actually fitted in there?? Plus he still had his toothbrush.

This year the theme is planned again, and again, it will be a mickey take of things he loves. I can't share what, as someone is bound to spill!

The stocking can be so underrated, but it is the 1st sign that Santa has been. It's also a chance for the parents to come around a little. Our boys bring their stockings into our room, open them on the bed, then leave them there when the lure of downstairs becomes too much! 

So do you do themed stockings? Or do you do something else?

I have to go now, there is a teen leaning over my shoulder, hoping to discover this years theme!!

x OJO x


  1. Love it! The Husband is obsessed with Spam so one year his mum and dad put a can in a blank presentation box and wrapped it up.

    We don't have stockings and I never had one as a kid either....


    1. haha! Love it!
      They sound as mad as my mum! lol x


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