Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The highs and lows of 2013

I got tagged to do this by one of my favourite bloggers Kate on Thin Ice. Her post is a must, she really has had some highs and serious lows! 

So I am going to answer her questions, I know I did something similar yesterday, but this is different. I am doing some of this with my family.

1. What was our happiest event?

We have 2! The 1st is our Weymouth holidays. It really was an amazing place to stay. The park we chose was a quiet one, with Haven, but next door to a busy one. It meant we could choose how much, or how little we wanted to do....heaven.
Our 2nd was Legoland, we had a very rare family day out. We went off season so it wasn't overly busy, it turned out perfect. There were no major meltdowns, and the whole day will definitely be repeated.

2.  What was the saddest thing to happen?

Apart from some personal troubles, nothing majorly sad has happened. We have been very fortunate not to have lost any family members, for this I am extremely grateful.

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen, that went ahead and did?

Asking to Legoland if I could review a day at their park.........and they said yes!! I am never sure what is expected of my blog, so it's all about me. When they said yes, it made my word feel valued.

4. Who let you down?

No one, I learnt a long time ago that promises are rarely kept. That people rarely mean what they say. The upside to this is that no one lets you down.

5. Who supported you?

Some old school friends, who have been named 'Sex in the Valleys'. I don't think they realise, until they read this obviously, how much their friendship has meant to me. They are not 'fair weather' friends, and have given me some good talkings to, as well as fantastic laughs, this past year. I thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.
I've also had heaps of support from the blogging and twitter community, you have proven to me that you do not have to be nearby, to become a dear friend.
Also my mum, a never ending source of support. I hope I am half the mum, to my boys, that she is to me.

6. Tell us what you learnt?

That I am never any ones 1st thought, so it's time to make me my OWN first thought. I have a right to be happy. 
That I must not compare people, by the way I see myself. I would make a decision about people by the way I thought they saw me?! Well that doesn't make sense at all does it?? So now, I see people as they are, and let them see me. I am so much more relaxed.
That I am a good person, and that I don't dislike myself as much as I thought, and it is not big headed to think that.
That my blog is my happy place. I am never going to be as good as some..........does it matter? No actually. I appreciate every single reader, follower, liker etc...and you all accept that I am honest, that's what matters 

7. Tell us what made you laugh

Drunken nights out with friends. That's it really lol

8. Tell us about the things that made you cry

If you read yesterday, you would know the answer to that one. My marriage has had a few knocks this year, and I have cried so many tears over it. Thankfully things are going better now.

9. Tell us 3 things your children did to make you feel proud

Where do I start??? I shall give them one each
Little A mastered toileting........that's it! That has been the highlight of the year as far as he goes. Day and night he is dry. It is a humongous step, that has made me super proud.
RJ: his confidence. His guitar playing has gone from strength to strength, then to go up and sing, twice, in a room full of adults! He doesn't do any drama classes, outside of school, so to just get up and sing, with such talent and confidence..........amazing. Made my heart pop to watch him.
KJ: His attitude to life is incredible. But this year he did his work experience in a special needs centre and loved it. There are not many 15 year olds that will accept people for who they are. He doesn't bat an eyelid at peoples differences, he never has. He accepts people at face value, then he either likes you or doesn't! 

10. Tell us the things that make you proud of yourself

I don't know! That's crazy, maybe it's something I should work on next year. I don't have anything that really makes me proud of myself.

11. Tell us the challenges you overcame

I went to London, without my family! I went to Brit Mums Live and only had a mini meltdown. I barely leave the house, so to go to London was a huge challenge.

12. Tell us the things you would love to change about yourself in 2014

I would like to stick to my annual resolution of being a different size next Christmas..........this year I would like it to be a size smaller!!
I would like to walk into Brit Mums Live 2014 full of confidence, not a nervous wreck!
I would like to start swimming again. I live so close to a pool, that has adult only swimming times, I should be taking advantage, not worrying about what people will think about me in my swimsuit.
I would like to walk my dog more, poor bugger doesn't get nearly enough exercise.
I would like to be a bit braver with my blog. I want to share my ideas on style, I know I have a slightly 'different' style, so why not tell people about it!

That's my questions answered as honestly as ever. I love every one of you that takes time out of your day to read my ridiculous ramblings. To every one of you I say...


  1. Thanks for taking part so quickly. Empathise with a fair amount of it. BritMums Live - have been twice, very different both times. And you and I will raise a glass next year I hope. I think you are way braver than you think. I have no intention of letting you down ever for what that is worth. I think you have found yourself a little through blogging as I did. That is important and I can't wait to see your grow and grow. You will - I sense huge adventures ahead for you

    1. Thank you Kate, you have been an unending source of support and wisdom. I just hope I can return the favour xx

  2. Hello! I saw you at BritMums Live and I thought you looked so confident!! I backed away from saying hello because I thought "Oh she won't want to talk to me!" How ridiculous of me!! I wished I'd had the guts to talk now. Its funny isn't it how many of us are quaking inside? I enjoyed reading your post - its an interesting challenge isn't it? Happy New Year! Sarah x

    1. Oh that's mad! If you're going this year, please say hello!! Xx


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