Sunday, December 08, 2013

The Croods

Our family was one of the lucky 40 families, that got The Croods pre-release, to review. It's full release is 9th DECEMBER 2013, just in time for case you hadn't noticed!? 

Our family absolutely love a good animated movie. They are rarely a one time watch, especially with little A! He likes to watch a film until he can pretty much act it out, word for word!

Lets give you a brief synopsis:
The Croods are a family of cave dwellers, from pre-historic times. The family has been kept alive by a VERY over protective father. However he has a daughter, a very curious daughter, called Eep. She doesn't want to stay in the cave, she wants to explore. On one of these sneaky explorations she meets Guy. This is where the series of events the family goes through, begins. I will not give spoilers, I love to see a film I don't know the full story to.

Our Opinion:
Oh my, we so loved it! We all have our favourite parts, now I have to try to let you know what they are without giving spoilers!!

Little A loves BELT. Everything at the moment is followed with a DA-DA-DAAAAH.

RJ love the bit with the shoes (seriously funny)

Mr. Ojo loved the whole film, found himself laughing out loud several times.

Me?.......I love the peace and quiet I get! 
But seriously, I love anything involving Gran, I do love a grumpy old lady.

So far we have probably all sat through it at least twice. Even my mum has watched it once, I am sure that's why she volunteered to babysit, actually.

It's not a film you get bored of easily, as there is always something going on that you've missed. It really is a great family film, perfect for the after Christmas dinner relax. You know the bit where you're all too stuffed to move. 
That is when you should bring the cinema in to your home.

Go on, you know you'll giggle as much as the kids! 

x OJO x

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