Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 12/12

So here it is again! My December take over of the R2BC linky.

I have had rather a difficult week, if you've read Tuesdays 'Series of Unfortunate Events' you would see what I mean. So finding my reasons is a good thing for me this week.

Don't forget, if you are joining in, you can copy my new badge, or Mich still has the badge code for the original one.

I am putting a brave face on it all, laughing it all off even, but I shall leave my misery's for another post and turn a positive spin on it all. So here are this weeks, turning things on their head......
Ojos World

1. Little A got completely stressed out by his school concert, so much so I had to keep him home on the second day. Positive spin: I got to spend the day in my pj's with my happy little boy for company.

2. Aches and Pains really made my annual Christmas trip, to Cardiff with my mum, uncomfortable. Positive Spin: We got to see the rather dreamy Jason Statham in his latest film Homefront. A Very good action movie, but not for kids!

3. The nights are getting cold and dark. Positive spin: All the houses that are lit up for Xmas, are on a little earlier, It just makes everything so pretty, and gets the children ready for the main event.

So that's mine, do you have any positive spins to put on bad situations?
Share with us on the blog hop, or just leave me a comment somewhere, telling me what is making you cheerful this week.

On another note, it was lovely to see so many people joining in last week, especially Mummy from the Heart, the 'owner' of  Reasons!


  1. You poor thing, tuesday sounds so awful! I love your 3rd positive spin, the warm glow of Christmas and candles is so lovely this time of year :-) Hope you're feeling better now x

  2. Fair play to you, putting such a positive spin on this week's events! I hope that next week is better xx

  3. Clever you. What a spinner! Sorry to hear of your pain - not fun. Get what you mean about snuggles with a child as had a poorly daughter this week but enjoyed her company at home. Love Cardiff!

    1. I love Cardiff too, preferably without a bloody nose though lol x

  4. Excellent life-spin! I agree with you that the dark nights are definitely cheered by all the lovely lights and the excuse to put them on early. I got quite distracted driving around the other night by all the lights!

  5. Oh bless you, it sounds like you are having a right time of it. I love your positive spins xx I have a frozen shoulder - and it really, really hurts - positive spin? I get lots of sympathy and have an excuse to get out of heavy lifting! ;) Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  6. I love Jason Satatham! watched every one of his movies a few times :) That is indeed a reason to be cheerful. You are so good in finding those positive spins! I wish I had that ability, but unfortunately I can do the opposite and always find the bad angle ;)
    That being said the houses being lit up for Christmas is right down lovely. I turned on all our lights last week before picking the kids up from school. They loved seeing it from the outside when we got back!

    1. It really is a beautiful time of the year.
      You should join our blog hop it may help you find some positives xx


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