Monday, December 02, 2013

Meal plan 02/12

I didn't do a meal plan last week, little A was home ill, I simply didn't get a chance. Boy did it show! We ate more chips last week, than we had for the year up to it!

I kept forgetting to get meat out to defrost, or I would have an ingredient missing.

This week I'm back, and with something new to plan it on. I have been ridiculously excited about using this:

It's from Kleeneze, if you should wish to buy one. I am blessed to have a wonderful Kleeneze lady who knew,straight away, what I would be using it for! (Who is now getting all big headed, reading that)

So, on with this weeks plan:

Monday: pork chops, mash and veg.
Tuesday: steak stir fry
Wednesday: spaghetti bolognese
Thursday: Corned beef pie
Friday: we are off out to dinner in the day, and I'm out with friends in the eve. So this leaves 'anything goes' for the boys
Saturday: homemade takeaway
Sunday: Roast with trimmings

So that's me for this week. I'm looking forward to Fridays plan......understandably.

As usual I shall be linking up with Mrs.M, click the pic to go there.

Meal Planning Monday

x OJO x


  1. Everything sounds fab!!

    Enjoy your meals out on Friday!!

  2. Thank you! (The only food involved Fri night will be kebabs lol) xx


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