Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Traditions (Listography)

Yesterday I wrote about how hard a Christmas can be for my family, how so much has to change to suit the boys. I do miss some things but, I do love how happy my boys are Christmas day, and that is more important to me than anything in the world.

I also said that I really do love Christmas. Then I saw that the Listography, hosted by The Diary of a Frugal Family this week, was about favourite family traditions. perfect!

So today I get to share the things that don't really change, that we can keep the same every year. One of these has actually carried on from my childhood memories.

My Top Family Traditions

1. Gammon on Christmas Eve

This is the one that has been with me since a child. It has now become part of our families Christmas. It's nothing fancy, just a good loaf of bread and some slow roasted gammon. Yummy.

2. Pyjamas

I bet I'm not the only one! Christmas pyjamas, arriving to the sound of sleigh bells, means you've been good! It's the first sure sign that he is definitely coming to you. My boys love this! They know they're on the good list, they know it's been checked twice, and they usually want to go to bed as soon as they have them!

3. The Cinema with Nanny

She has done this for so many years now, that it really has become a tradition. This year she is taking them to see Frozen. Thanks to the teen being able to manage little A, better than anyone I know, he is joining with the trip this year. Me and the Mr get a few hours to get the finishing touches done, the last present wrapped............and 5 minutes alone! 

4. Stockings on the Bed

Santa doesn't put the stockings on the boys bed, he puts them in our room. He is very understanding that little A (and RJ in the past) doesn't sleep well, and if he sees his stocking at 2am, he will want to be up! So the boys get up, come into our room and spend 10 minutes opening the stocking fillers. (While we spend 10 minutes coming around, and trying to see in focus!)

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5. The Night Before Christmas

It has to be read. 
We still use the same copy that we had when the teen was a baby.

There are so many other things that have become traditions to us. 
Dr. Who in the evening
A Disney type movie after dinner
Games at the table when it's cleared.

I really do love Christmas, I'm looking forward to it so much. The teen still gets excited, and he's 16 the next day!

What traditions do you have? Or have you anything that you would like to make tradition? Do tell me about it, I love hearing about other peoples Christmases. 

x OJO x


  1. we used to do new PJs until children in need onesie wearing started!

    1. Only my eldest 2 are in to the onsie wearing so far :-) x


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