Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Meal Plan

Yes, I know, slightly crazy! Who 'Plans' over Christmas?, Duh!

I just find it easier to plan for the week, not everything, but if we know what meals we are having it's easier to enjoy everything else. I don't find Christmas, even remotely, stressful. Maybe planning is why. Or maybe I just don't think stressing = fun.

All I want for Christmas is happy children, so far this week they have spent nearly every moment in each others company, laughing and generally messing about. Mission accomplished, so my Christmas is sorted.

Anyway, here is the weeks Meal Plan. I'm not sure if Mrs.M is doing the linky this week, but if she does just click on the picture below....

Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Fish, Mash and peas
Tuesday: Homemade bread, Slow cooked Gammon with various pickles

Wednesday: Ummmmm.......CHRISTMAS DINNER!!!!

Thursday: Leftover Pie {With a birthday Tea for the Teen}
Friday: Turkey Curry
Saturday: Homemade Pasta, with various veg and Sauces. Hot buffet style
Sunday: Toad in the Hole. 

So that's my week planned. I have not included the snacks and tonnes of rubbish that will probably get eaten. I shall leave that to your imagination! 

I do hope you are all going to have a fabulous Christmas from all of us at 

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  1. You're so organised/brave planning over Christmas! I haven't bothered.....Christmas dinner, turkey sandwiches and turkey curry for
    Happy Birthday to your Teen!! x


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