Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Special Reason to be Cheerful

I cannot believe I am writing this post. Time has gone by so quickly.
Today my Reasons are dedicated to one person:

My beautiful, handsome, thoughtful, mature........Teen.

Today (Boxing day) my biggest boy turns 16. 
Please forgive me if I ramble a bit, but I have a lump in my throat writing this.

He was my unbelievable miracle. Me and my hubby had given up on the idea of having children. I had suffered miscarriage after miscarriage. We had been through fertility clinics. My weight was against us, other things were against us too.

Then I was pregnant again, and something was different. Straight away I knew this was different. I went straight to a friends house to tell her, I didn't even consider telling my husband this day I don't know why?!

She made me ring my hubby in work first, then phone the Dr.............Then she told me off for walking to her house!

I phoned in sick for work that week. I had only just started in a well known supermarket, so a week later I went and offered my resignation. I explained the situation, how fragile one of my pregnancies could be, but they kept me on and put me on the tills, an easier option.

Then he didn't want to come out. 10 days after his due date, the hospital decided to induce me. My waters had gone 8am Christmas day 1997. My mum and my hubby took in turns walking the wards with me, trying to get him to come out.........but no. Then Boxing day came, and I was put on a drip.

At 4.25pm Boxing day, my angel finally arrived, but struggling to breathe. He was put straight on a respirator, which was, up til that point, the single worst moment of our lives.

But he fought........and 3 days later I brought my boy home.

My Angel.
That's what I called him, and all his life I have told him why he was called that. He was the first to make it.

He officially becomes an adult, today.

If he continues to be the caring, loving, mature person he is.......he will become a wonderful man.

I love my angel to bits........always will.

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  1. Beautiful tribute to a very special boy turning into a man You have gone through a lot. You have every reason to put those shoulders back as my late Dad would say because you are as good as the rest of them and better than most.
    Happy Birthday to your boy - may all his happinesses by big ones.

  2. Wow, that's an awe-inspiring post, Happy Birthday to him and hope you all had a very Happy Christmas too xx

  3. That got me all choked up, It's funny isn't it that we spend so much time trying not to get pregnant and then when you want to mother nature has other ideas. It certain makes them all the more precious when they finally arrive safely into the world. Happy Birthday to your eldest, he certainly sounds like a lovely guy :-)


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