Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Series of Unfortunate Events!

That is what today has been! 

Let me give you the background first:

Last Friday night I went out, with friends, and danced.......... and danced. This is not the best idea for me, after breaking my ankle quite badly a few years ago I have problems with it. 
Not only did I dance, I did it in heels! The alcohol made it seem like a very good idea at the time!

The next day (Saturday) my ankle hurt........a lot.
And I was mildly hungover.

This did not stop my next 'good idea', shopping for the day with Mr. Ojo, on Sunday. This basically involved spending the day walking all over Cardiff, both inner city and out of town shops.

Oh by the way, did I forget to mention, I have stopped taking my pain killers for my back. Just to see if it's any better?!

By the time I had got home I felt like I had been in a fight with Tyson. This may have been cured by a good night sleep. Those of you that read my blog know that I don't get 'good nights sleeps'. I get a few hours, then little A dives in and, basically, wriggles and squirms. This left me, by Monday morning, not only feeling like but also looking like, I had been in a fight with Tyson!

So Monday I rested, a lot! I really didn't move more than I needed to.
Do you know why I did this?

That would be because I was off to Cardiff again, this time with my mum, Tuesday!
(You are entitled to roll your eyes at me, and sigh, at this point)

Did I also forget to mention that my head has not been feeling great, and I knew a nose bleed was coming sooner rather than later...........You can see where this is going can't you?

This is how today went:
I woke up (originally at 6/7am when little A climbed in) with my alarm, to a massive nose bleed. I just wanted to curl back up when it was finished, but didn't.
My mum came knocking for me,  I decided I really couldn't spoil her day, so I got ready.
We went to the local station and boarded the train to Cardiff.
About half way into the trip, my nose started bleeding again.

(Bare in mind, I had a heat pad on my back, a bag full of pain killers, and a walking stick for support)

My nose was still bleeding by the time we got to Cardiff.
I had to raid the station toilets for pockets full of toilet roll, as we had both run out of tissue.
I was still bleeding.
We headed for Boots, in town, and bought a couple of packets of tissues.
We then sat outside Starbucks, in the freezing cold, while I drank water.
I was still bleeding!!

Eventually it slowed, then stopped. It had been going for almost and hour! My nose was so sore I could barely touch it. My poor mum has been cleaning blood of me and supplying me with wet wipes, to clean my hands!

After that we basically limped around the shops to get what we needed, then headed for the cinema, exhausted. After the cinema we went for dinner and again, not thinking, even though I had remembered my diabetic tablets, I just wolfed my food down. Cue the sugar going through the roof, and me wanting to sleep!!

At this point..........we gave up, and headed back home on the train.

Should I just stay in bed tomorrow?


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