Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Sticking up for Convenience

I was having my usual lazy morning, watching This Morning on ITV. I love it, and I'm not ashamed to admit it!  Jamie Oliver was on this morning, chatting on the sofa, then cooking something up in the kitchen. I don't actually know what his latest project is as, still having the younger two home from school, I was too busy playing a game on the laptop with little A!

I did get to pay a little notice when he went into the kitchen. I have read in the past that he is a fan of cooking nutritious, healthy food, on a budget. 

I have also noticed lately that frozen food shops, like Iceland, are getting a very bad press. People calling the food rubbish, fattening etc. My opinion of this, is they produce what will sell. That's just business sense?!

But do all these people walk straight past the frozen meat and vegetables?? Jamie was cooking with some of these this morning. I noticed frozen spinach, which I happen to have in my freezer.

I am a huge fan of convenience vegetables, you will very rarely see my freezer without frozen peppers. I swear by frozen garlic cubes. In the past I have bought chopped onions. As for frozen broccoli, cauliflower, peas, sweetcorn and sprouts, they are ALWAYS in my freezer.

Thanks to, so called, rubbish food I can whip up chicken and vegetables with a bit of gravy, in 45 mins. I use frozen chicken fillets (that you cook from frozen), they are still fillets of chicken, not processed chicken. They come out tender and delicious. 

Add to that, having children with ASD, means some convenience foods are all my children eat. At least I can buy in bulk, and thanks to having some common sense, I READ the packaging! If it's full of sugar, salt or tonnes of other crap, I don't buy it!

It's not rocket science to eat convenient and healthy. You just need to buy the right convenience foods.

x OJO x 


  1. I agree with you! I have a drawer full of frozen veg in the freezer....I love Iceland so just ignore the bad press....hehehe

  2. Exactly! Bad press or not, I'm filling my freezer x

  3. I so agree. I do prefer fresh veg but during the week frozen veggies are so much quicker & easier, especially when you are a busy Mum xxx

  4. I love my frozen veg, things go bad so quickly that it not only time saving but financially sound to buy frozen, besides they retain plenty of good stuff.
    Hurrah for convenience I say!

  5. Precisely! It doesn't deserve the bad press x


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