Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 14/11

As explained last week, Mich from Mummy from the Heart, needs a break from Reasons to be Cheerful. She was unsure of what to do about it, but has decided to leave it in the loving hands of Lakes Single Mum...............and me!!

So Becky will be running it through November, then December it passes over to me for a month.
In honour of Mich, I have created my own little picture for the link. I think the usual R2BC badge belongs to Mich, and should be there waiting for her, if she decides to return.

So here it is, followed by my reasons:
1. My first reason is easy, the linky is staying up and running. I've been joining in since I started blogging, it is the 1st link I joined and the one I rarely miss. It makes me look for the positives, even in my darkest days.

2. Countdown to Xmas. You may say it's too early, but my boys 16th is boxing day, then the other 2 have birthdays before the end of January! I am getting organised now! Besides that, I also love Christmas and all it entails, and I am starting to get so excited.

3. Reading. Since the boys have gone back to school this year, I have been making a point of finding a little time, proper time, for myself. I've been spending a lot of time making stuff, another thing I love, I have been finding a lot of time for my kindle. It's lovely to sit in peace during the day, with a hot cup of coffee and my  kindle. It may only be a short amount of time, but it's all about me.

So that's it! My favourite linky is still going. As always the blog hop is at the bottom, why not pop along to others. If you would like to see the lady that is co-hosting with me, click here: Lakes Single Mum

x OJO x


  1. @kateonthinice here actually. You sound a little more upbeat which is great to hear. Reading helps I am sure as does any "me" time. I am starting to feel the Christmas thing now and due to circumstances will focus on love and togetherness this year. And yes! Where would any of us be without this linky?

  2. I can't believe how fast xmas is coming around this year. Crazy!

    I've also found more time to read =) Yay for us. xx

  3. I lurve reading too! Glad we are co hosting - hadn't even thought about a different badge..
    Lets keep this beautiful hop rolling :-)

  4. Looking for Blue Sky14 November 2013 at 21:37

    So pleased that R2BC will continue - I regularly note down stories even if I don't get a chance to take part - it always helps during the difficult times xx

  5. I am just beginning to discover how important getting a bit of 'me time' is - I was starting to fall apart trying to do everything for the kids and literally not getting a moment free to myself. Enjoy the rest of the countdown to Christmas xxx

  6. So glad you and Becky are running it, I'll be sure to join in next time :-)


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