Monday, November 18, 2013

Parragon books, A Review.

Back in the summer, you may remember a little get together I may of mentioned, repeatedly once or twice . 
It was Brit Mums Live baby!!

Now while I was there, I met with a lot of different companies that are reaching out to bloggers. They realise that we are a great marketing tool. We have readers that are similar to us, in my case parents of children with additional needs, or with a varied age range.

One of the many I really enjoyed getting involved with was: Parragon Books. I have been involved since August?! Seriously, where does my time go??? 

Basically I am now a Parragon Book Buddy. Every month since August, they have sent me a book (I'm so sorry Mr/Mrs parragon!). The idea is supposed to be, I review what they send me...... Because I'm such an absolute numpty, I am doing 3 of them together, here, now.

I chose to have the 'older child' type books, as my youngest is now coming up to 6, although he struggles to read himself, he does love being read to. Parragon books carry a wide range of books, ranging in age, type and genre. It is worth a look, I have seen other reviewers covering all sorts of books, and had a good browse around the site myself.

The 1st book I was sent, wayyyy back in August was a Dinosaurs book...

This arrived just in time for out holiday! The boys were quite looking forward to browse through it. However, the person who got to it 1st, and loved it was...........Mr. Ojo!? The book is very similar in style to an encyclopedia, with plenty of pictures and descriptions. The bit my hubby particularly enjoyed was the comparisons. It's much easier to judge the size of something, when you use current objects to compare it to. This is ideal for children, their spacial awareness isn't the same as an adult, children think 6 foot is gigantic! 

Mr. Ojo also enjoyed looking through the book with our little A. As I said, he likes being read to, and it's much easier to keep him engaged if the book has plenty of pictures. This was also the same for our September book, Sharks:

All my boys loved this! I have been terrified of sharks since watching Jaws, at too young an age!

Again my little A and daddy, thoroughly enjoyed these, my hubby made a great comment, about why he loved it...............It was the great 'bites of information' that he liked....*sigh*

But that is the best way to describe it. The book is full of snippets of information, where they bask, what they eat........everything. It's much easier to keep a child interested when the info is not too overwhelming. I would highly recommend both of the books above, we found them interesting and informative to read. The boys found them fun too.

The most recent book I received was the Yuk! Gross! Activity Book:

To say this has been well received would be a 'gross' understatement! (Get it!).

What I absolutely LOVE about this book, is children don't realise they are learning, whilst having fun! Both my younger boys have trouble with fine motor skills, so their handwriting really suffers. Little A struggles to hold a pencil, and RJ (as smart as he is) has a proper spider scrawl. This book, as well as being fun, has some great puzzles that encourage drawing and 'staying within lines'. 

I really do love this book. On top of everything else, it's a great travel companion. I always try to keep one or two, relatively simple, puzzle books in the car. They are a great tool, for when the car journey becomes a bit boring! 

So that's me caught up with my books, they are still being looked at, by ALL my boys. They now really look forward to opening the books, when they are delivered. I've received notification that November's book is on the way!!

Wonder what my 'buddies' have for me this time??

x OJO x

I have received books, free of charge, for the purpose of these reviews.
All highlighted text is a link back to the Parragon Website.
All reviews are strictly my own opinions

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