Monday, November 11, 2013

Meal plan Monday

So, today is meal plan Monday is it?..........Really??

I suppose I should plan something then. I have done it all in reverse, you see. The hubby went to the butchers, Friday while I was at sewing class, and bought LOADS of fresh meat.

So this weeks meal plan will include:

Faggots + Veg
Stuffed roast Pork
Pork Loin Chops
Turkey Curry
Turkey mince Bolognese (A big favourite of mine)
Steak and garlic Mushrooms

Today, however, is Turkey Jetters and Oven of those days, ya know?

I did want to share a lovely invention from this weekend though. We had stew yesterday, my hubby makes an absolutely delicious beef stew, and what is better than a good homemade beef stew..........than a home made stew with dumplings!

Unfortunately our local shop, where we always get the suet or the dumpling mix from, didn't have either!? Catastrophe! But we had an idea, this might sound slightly shocking to food snobs, but I make no apologies.
In our fridge, we had some Gnocchi..........bear with me.

What is Gnocchi? It's basically potato, mixed with 00 flour.

Towards the end of cooking, we dropped the Gnocchi in! Left it around 5 minutes, when they rose to the top. Then served.
It was utterly delicious! Just like mini dumplings in the stew.

Although Gnocchi isn't the healthiest of things to eat, it is much healthier than dumplings! Which are basically balls of fat!? I would highly suggest trying this, it's a lovely light way of adding 'dumplings' to a lovely winter stew.

So that's this weeks meal plan, just click on the picture below to go to Mrs.M, the lady behind the linky.

Meal Planning Monday

x OJO x


  1. Sounds good. Are you going through a rebellious streak and eating carbs? Can't say I blame you if you are! :)

  2. Ohh yummy, gnocchi dumplings sounds good. Mich x

  3. Love the gnocchi dumplings, great idea :-)

  4. I haven't had faggots for ages and I see you have them on your menu, what a GREAT start to the week, were they tasty? Karen

  5. we have our gnocchi fried (a la nigella) and their yummy!


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