Monday, November 04, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Last week went a bit awry. I didn't make a proper meal plan, other than 'meat and vegetables'.

I am still following that plan, staying off the carbohydrates Mon-Fri. Although I am going to try to actually stick to it this week!! I hate to blame my boys..........but it is their fault! They were off for half term, which means there were too many of their foods for me to pick on. There was the crusts of the white bread, there were biscuits, don't even get me started on Halloween!

This week I am going to try a little better, even though all the boys are still off school today (Monday), and the 2 youngest are off tomorrow too.
When you read my meal plan, just assume I'm having the same, except without the carbohydrate element. On with my......

Meal Planning Monday
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Monday: Chicken, veg and pasta (no shopping until tomorrow, so this is all I have!)
Tuesday: Chicken curry, with rice and sweetcorn
Wednesday: Faggots, Mash and Veg
Thursday: Slow cooked Gammon Pasta bake
Friday: Brinner (cooked breakfast for dinner, pinched from Mama Owl)
Saturday: Homemade Beef Stew (Courtesy of the Mr.........who doesn't know yet!!)
Sunday: Roast......obvs!

So that is my plan this week, a bit more organised. 
Now repeat after me.........
I will stick to it this week
I will not eat carbs......

Hope everyone is enjoying the children being back in school, next stop...........Christmas!!

x OJO x


  1. You will NOT eat carbs, except for a small treat on Saturday and Sunday! It is impossible to refrain from having a roastie! :D

  2. I NEED the gravy on my dinner too!! haha x

  3. Ohh everything sounds fab especially the Gammon Pasta bake...Yum x


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