Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Guilty pleasures

What do you do when you you don't know what to do? 

I don't know what to write, I'm not even thinking straight at the moment! This may have a lot to do with changes being made with medications. Or it may be tiredness.

So I went in search of inspiration. I found it with the RockandRollmum, with a linky hosted by Older Single Mum. It's called a listography and, this weeks theme is 'Guilty Pleasures'.

Basically I list my top 5 guilty pleasures, then go and nose at what other people have written!

So here they are, my top 5 guilty pleasures:

1. Kids movies. I make out that I go to the cinema for 'family time'.......Pah! I love animated films and cannot wait to go and see Frozen when it comes out.

2. Bras. Sorry if that disturbs any family readers, but I love them. I have a massive drawer full, it barely shuts! Seriously love them.

3. Rap music. I am an old glam rocker at heart, and there's not a lot that can beat a good power Ballard for me. But I do love a good JayZ floor filler, or a bit of Snoop.

4. Cola Bottles. Not the actual bottles, the fizzy kind. Yes I am diabetic, that's why it's a GUILTY pleasure.

5. Being nosy. I can't hide it any longer, I am SO nosy. I am not a gossip, I will never repeat what you tell me. I just love knowing what's going on. I am a good old fashioned 'curtain twitcher'

There, I have confessed! Well, a little bit. I have some guilty pleasures that I will NEVER tell you about! 

So come on, tell me yours. Just one!
You know you want to....

x OJO x


  1. Brilliant. You asked for (just) one guilty pleasure? One of mine is watching 'Made in Chelsea'. I can't get enough of Binky, Jamie and the whole vacuous lot of them! xx

  2. Oh, that really is a guilty pleasure! Lol x

  3. Thank you for linking up. Loving your GPs. Am SO with you on the kids' films - a reliable happy ending does it for me as well as the sitting down for a couple of hours without any guilt whatsoever! There's a lot to be said for decent / pretty bras and nosey neighbours! X

  4. Hahaha hilarious! It's not nosy, it's "curious" ;-) Makes for a good writer and journalist to be nosy hehe. Can't believe you live are the Caerphilly area, I used to work for a company there (NuAire) and have visited on a number of occasions, many many moons ago (like, 1999 and 2000!) Absolutely loved it there. Great list! And I second the kids movies bit too ;-)

  5. talk about 6 degrees of separation! My brother used to work for nuaire, but I think it was early 90's! :-) x

  6. Thank you, shall be keeping an eye out next week :-) x

  7. I love kids' films too - and they keep getting better! I'm also looking forward to Frozen.
    I think we're all nosy to some degree, we just don't like to admit it to ourselves!


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