Friday, November 01, 2013

Getting moving.

I need to get moving, in so many ways. 

Mostly I need to get moving my butt a bit more, in other words.....


Don't we all hate that word??! It's become synonymous with pain. With something we HAVE to do. 

So how do we make it pleasurable? 

This is a question I have often asked myself, still asking. 

My problem is my size. According to my BMI I am morbidly obese. I say that, but I don't think I allow the true meaning of it to sink in. Breaking it down to a true meaning...I am putting my life in danger, by carrying this much weight. How hard is that to tell yourself? I am killing myself with food. Even if I cut back on the amount I eat, the stuff I eat, I still won't lose weight. 

I have to EXERCISE.

But I don't want to be in a gym, with people that know what they are doing. Even if the people in there don't know what they are doing, I still don't want my girth flapping around the place for others to see! That very thought sends me straight to the bread bin. Or worse, the crisp box.

So I have to think of new ways to exercise. 
I can walk the dog, as long as it's reasonably dry, and the Mr. isn't working, and I have nappy sacks, and and and. My life gets in the way of stuff like that! 
So I think of another way.
I bought a treadmill, it lasted about a week! I don't think it was really meant for someone my size, but I can't afford a treadmill that would be capable. 'Friends' in the past have recommended a personal trainer. That requires things I don't have: Money, Time, Ability.

So I shall continue 'step touching' in my living room, whilst watching T.V. Trying to get my body moving, at least I am trying. I wear my fitbit everyday. This is what my end of day has been looking like lately:
This is actually today
I had done just over 1000 steps, just cleaning and pottering around the house. I have found the time to do this at 9-10pm at night, it's the only time I have today (and that's only because little A fell asleep on the sofa).

So what do you recommend? Do you have any suggestions, a way to find time to exercise. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will know it's very difficult to get my youngest out of the house at all. When I do get them out, I really need another adult to help me supervise.

Come on world, help this larger lady get her health back.

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  1. GO YOU! I am far too lazy, really must up my game too xx


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