Friday, November 29, 2013

Family breaks are they good for the family?

I know, I know. You're thinking, why is she talking about holidays, we've still got Christmas to get through! But how many of you would love to go away for Christmas?? It's not a bad idea you know, especially as your children get older.

The magic of Xmas starts to fall away, so make new memories! Get away, spend time together instead of spending all your money.

Besides that, how many of us have either already booked, or started thinking about, holidays. I know I have.

My family holiday is a really important. Every year we have one week away as a family, really connect. I love spending time in holiday camps, it relieves the pressure to find things to do. Having 3 children of such varying ages, and needs, it's difficult to find things to occupy them all. When you have an arcade, pools, parks and clubs, all in the same place. Well that just solves all my problems!

I have been taking a look at the range of 2014 UK family breaks on offer at Butlins. This is exactly what I am talking about, ideal for a family like mine. My, soon to be 16 year old, does not want to be doing the same thing as my 5 year old. Holiday camps, like butlins, offer him the chance to make new friends, but still be on a 'family' holiday.

I do love a British holiday, our holiday camps are second to none. The level of entertainment is excellent, for your nights out. As well as, always improving, family restaurants, where you KNOW your children are welcome.

So where are you planning to go next year? Have I tempted you to stay UK?

x OJO  x

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