Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Crafting and the Internet

I have mentioned before my new love of sewing, knitting and crochet. They are classed as 'old fashioned' past times to some, but these days a simple flick around the Internet will show you it's far from that.

I have joined a class to learn how to follow a pattern, up til now I have simply free styled it! The lesson is great for learning to do things properly, when it comes to a sewing machine. But a great tools for knitting and crocheting is........YouTube!

I have always used Pinterest for my crafting ideas, only today I can find pins from YouTube. I may be very behind in discovering this, but ho hum, that's the norm.

Today, I was looking for a simple way to make mittens. My youngest seems to lose gloves faster than I can buy them and, even though I buy them from poundland, it doesn't work out cheap! I followed a few links, then I came across this YouTube link:

I have pinned this, the 1st in the series, to my Pinterest board, knitting patterns. If you want to find me on Pinterest just click here: Ojo's Pinterest Boards. The reason I like this particular lady, is her instructions are clear, concise and, takes it right from the very beginning. I have knitted before, so understand most stitches, if you don't, she's your lady. Besides all that, she isn't as annoying as most!

My 1st attempt is not too bad. In all fairness, I didn't measure his hands.........or mine. Oops. I'm still quite pleased with the result though:

I think this means I have broken the curse of Pinterest, you know the one. You see an image of something really cool, then your outcome looks utterly crap?! 

If you don't know what I mean, check it out on Pinterest.......

x OJO x

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