Thursday, November 28, 2013

Anti Bullying, by RJ

Last week was anti bullying week in the UK. Both of my eldest boys have suffered some form of bullying, it has always been dealt with quickly, by us and the school. Luckily for my children, they have parents that won't put up with no rubbish. I will be at the school everyday, until the situation is resolved. 

Unfortunately, RJ doesn't always tell me the extent of the bullying he has received. I sometimes find out from others, by which time RJ has let it all blow over.

So today, I am simply leaving you with RJ's homework this week. He had to do a piece about bullying, and he out did himself. This is all his work, only a little help from me, with regards to grammar.......

That was written by my son. I think it's powerful, and really shows how thoughtful a boy he is. I apologise to any that can't read the pdf format. But my son would love some comments and shares. 

Needless to say, I am super proud of him.

x OJO x


  1. Well done your son!! That is so powerful and straight to the point!! You have every reason to be proud he's a credit to you x

  2. Fantastic RJ! Bullying indeed should be taken seriously and teachers really do need to keep a better eye on it. My gorgeous daughter age 14 has been badly bullied and some teachers were keeping an eye out but other liked to turn away rather than help her. Despite us being like your Mum and Dad and always going in to school, nothing ever was done about it and she is now home schooled because of bullying has made her ill.

    So I thank you for sharing this with us and your school I will retweet this so other read it too!

    Can you do me a favour RJ and do always tell your Mum or Dad or someone what ever happens just like you have advised. As us parents really need to know to help x x x


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