Friday, November 22, 2013

Always Polite....

What do you say, when you can't say the truth
society tells you 'rude is uncouth'

When you go out,
 to a place you dislike
The patrons all pout, 
all looking like pike.
You get offered a drink, you always smile sweetly.
You offer your thanks, ever so meekly
What you really feel like doing is slapping the face
of the ignoramus that's running the place

You are so polite, at the school gate,
no one gets on your nerves.
You smile and you wave,
giving all parents the attention they crave.
Then you see that one parent, that is always so loud
They shout above all, of their voice they're so proud
You look away, 
don't cause a fuss.
But really you'd like to see them under a bus.

There's that 'friend' we all have, that is better than all
Her materialistic ways could fill a town hall
You love her......
you do!
about as much as..
 Shit on your shoe.

But I can't say out loud, 
oh no, not ever

I'm better than that.........
Yeah, whatever!

x OJO x
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  1. Laughing my socks off at that Jo, some people getting up your nose? Mich x

  2. I thank you xx ;-)

  3. What gave it away??? ;-) xx

  4. How very, very true!! Some of us really do know how to hold our tongues! Great poem :) Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x


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