Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tablets, A guest post

Today I am being lazy! This is a guest post, written by Kira. A subject close to my heart, as it is commonly known that Tablets are very beneficial to Autistic children.

So I will hand you over to Kira.....

Tablets for kids: cute or completely over the top?

For 21st century children, using a computer is as important a step as learning to read and write. Parents wishing to raise tech-savvy kids will of course want to introduce them to technology early, and a tablet is an easy place for little hands to get to grips with the basics. Having spotted tots tinkering away on their parents' gadgets, certain companies are releasing products that will make the learning process even easier.
Aiming to corner the children's market, Samsung Galaxy 3 Kids comes with a plastic exterior and child-friendly software, and is served by a specialised app store. The price is yet to be announced, but experts predict it will retail at around £200.
Predictably, the issue of tech for toddlers has divided parents. Some see tablets for kids as unnecessary, arguing that active and engaging play with parents and siblings is better for a child’s development, and that creativity is fostered by playing with paints, crayons and blocks, not by pressing icons on a screen. Since many children will learn to use technology at school, they don't need to depend on it during playtime as well.
However, other parents argue that teaching their kids about the latest advances in IT will mean they are better able to adapt as technology improves. In the long term, it might even boost their career opportunities: many contemporary programmers cut their teeth on the ZX Spectrum or BBC Model B microcomputer. Some studies have also shown that fast-paced video games can actually improve visual capabilities, meaning that playing on a device may be as important for kids as other learning activities.
Whether you're a technophobe or gadget guru, there's no doubt that the digital age has created opportunities unknown to previous generations. While it's crucial to expose your child to many different games and experiences, to give them an invaluable early introduction to the world of technology, shop for a Samsung Galaxy

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  1. Our tablet is a definite need in this house. It does so much more than just educate him, it helps him calm down and restore his balance.


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