Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky Reasons... 31/10

It's Halloween! I hope you're all having fun tonight, whether you celebrate it or not.

We are, which is why today's reasons are slightly spooktacular!!

1. It's half term, which basically means I won't see my children for anything other than food! However, today, we did sit together and do this.....
The best part, is we cut them all ourselves! Apart from Little A, who couldn't stick the smell. He drew his face on, the Mr. Ojo carved it. From left to right is: KJ, Little A, Me, RJ.

You may notice that mine is carved in a heart, there is a reason for this. My pumpkin is for the World Vision UK A night of hope appeal. No child should have to live in fear. For more information please go here: WorldVisionUK and show your support any way you can. My children are surrounded by love and fun tonight, many aren't.

Back to reason number 2. Hubby actually has the day off for Halloween, this rarely happens.

3. A carb free loss! Last week I lost all the weight I had gained the week before. I have decided to stick to the no carbohydrate plan, but just Monday-Friday. Then enjoy my weekends, with the children, eating normally. I don't plan on going crazy with my food over the weekends, but I would so miss a full roast Sunday dinner!

As always I shall be sharing my post with the wonderful Mummy from the Heart. Click on the others linked below, to see what is making other bloggers happy this week!

Most of all, if you are out Trick or Treating tonight:


  1. We have Daddy off too if not for the best reasons it has still made for a fun Halloween. Love your pumpkins and the heart one is so special. My children also had mixed ability to deal with the pumpkins. Thanks for your support earlier in the week.

  2. Your heart pumpkin looks amazing - well done! Fab on the weight loss too. have a great weekend xxx

  3. I missed pumpkin carving this year as away! well done on weight loss x

  4. Ohh like that heart pumpkin, very nice. Mich x


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