Wednesday, October 09, 2013


I'm still all over the place, still can't work out whether I am about to burst in to tears......or hysterical laughter. The smile is fixed on my face, my public persona is still the same. Inside my own 4 walls I so unsure of what to do with myself. All I really want to do is sleep.

I sit here in the quiet sometimes, no t.v. on, no noise. Just listening to nothing.

I ended up letting my mind wander and think about our 5 senses.
This is where is led:


Do you feel? can you touch?
Can you put your hand in the hand of the one you love?
Can you feel the heartbeat on their chest?

If not

Can you hear? Can you listen to that heartbeat?
Or the whispers, the sweet nothings, that he says?
Can you hear that he loves you, more than anything else?


Then see, see the way his eyes soften, when you are in his frame.
See his mouth move, see his face at it moves in for a kiss
See his hand gently reach for your face.

Or you could

Smell the sweetness of his scent. 
The pillow after he's left. 
The favourite perfume you wear, he chose it for you.


Taste the sweet kisses.
They've been there a long time, they've always been soft
They taste of the tea he drank last
they taste of him.

He is with me everyday, in every way
My love, my forever

x Ojo x

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  1. Wow Jo, that's so beautiful. You should let our mind wander more often if that's what happens when you do xx

  2. What a really lovely post and such beautiful words - so much visualisation. I also run Prose for Thought every Thursday if you are interested? Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x


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