Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful 10/10

I am very late writing this, this week. I am simply struggling to find things to smile about! Doesn't that sound utterly miserable!? But then, that's exactly what this link is about, finding reasons to smile, when you feel like crap. 

Click on the picture below, to go to Mummy from the Heart's blog, who will explain the #R2BC link, far more eloquently than above!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Here I go with my reasons this week......

1. Today I realised that, I have enough in my paypal account to go to a blogger event in January. It is with big blogger parties and I can take the Hubby! My mum has offered to stay with the boys over night, so it looks like it's all systems go. I really could do with a reason to dress up, and I do love London. 

2. Thanks, again, to my lovely mum, I am having a night out this Saturday. A friend has got engaged and is having a party. My mum has noticed I'm getting bogged down, so is taking my middle boy over hers for the weekend, which means my 15 yo will look after his littlest brother. This all adds up to a night out for both me and the Mr. The function is very local (less than 5 mins walk) so we can relax, knowing we are very close if needed.

3. Chocolate. Yes I know I am diabetic, but it's the only thing getting me through each day!

I just want to add a note here to say, the blogging community always looks out for each other. Even though sometimes, we have never met, we 'speak' often. There is a blogger (Mother Scuffer) who is going through a tough time. Another wonderful blogger has decided to call out for help, so if you can donate, please click this link: Momma Two. Thank you x

x Ojo x 


  1. enjoy getting your glad rags on and letting your hair down! mums are just so fab :-)

  2. Sorry to hear you are having a tough week but at least you have saturday to look forward to, I hope you and the Mr have a great time

  3. You are so lovely and deserve the choc, the support and the night out and much else besides too.

  4. Hope you have a great time both times out. I'm glad you have your mum to help out. When I worked in Thorntons there was a lovely gentleman who used to come ever week to buy his wife the diabetic chocolate - have you tried it?

    1. I have, I buy it regularly. However, it does *ahem* effect your stomach, if you eat too much ;-) x

  5. Lovely reasons Jo. Glad you are able to get out. I do think that a happy, relaxed mum is needed for the whole family. Have a great night tonight.
    The diabetic chocolate is vile! I think it was Diabetes UK who published a study showing Diabetic foods had more sugar, so a little of what you fancy and all that :-)
    Hope your week is fantastic x

  6. Really great reasons to get cheerful about. Sorry that you have felt a bit bogged down (ditto) and I hope your nights out are really uplifting. As for the chocolate and being diabetic... tsk tsk! Go buy yourself some raw almonds! xx

  7. I hope had a lovely night out :) x x

  8. THRILLED that you are coming to The Big Parent Blogger Party! It will be such a good night! So glad this is one of the things that makes you feel cheerful! :) xx


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