Thursday, October 03, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful 03/10

Is it really October!! Really!?

 I really don't know where this year has gone. I shall not think about he dreaded C word yet.........except I am! I can't help it! I will explain why in my....

1. My new found hobby. Who knew this pink haired, horror film loving woman would turn out to love...........Embroidery!? In fact, any type of sewing. The boys are back in school and I have just fallen in love with it. This is my current project...

2. Taking my hobby to the next level. Yes I have put on my big girl pants, and joined a sewing class. Friday mornings,for 2 hours I shall be learning to do things properly. Hems, zips, everything. My project for the 15 week course is a pair of boys trousers. Quite looking forward to it.

3. The big clean up. The things I'm currently making are to decorate doors, or walls, of our tidier house! Every where just seems to have got so cluttered. So my project to get the house in order has started, in my bathroom. Before and after pictures will probably feature another day.

That's what is making me smile this week. On top of that I had a fantastic visit from my niece, and I've had a day at Legoland, with my boys. Oh! And strictly is back! The only reality show I watch.

I hope you're all smiling this week

x Ojo x


  1. I love Strictly! It brings a little moment of glamour to the week, much to my hubby's disgust! Looking forward to seeing the before & after photos of the big tidy up - I started mine last week, and have kind of stalled, but I'm setting myself little targets and hoping to get the place sorted by, well, eventually, anyway! Good luck!!!

  2. Go Jo, so awesome to have a hobby that you really enjoy. Good luck with the clean up although that doesn't sound like fun!!

  3. Ohh I started at night school doing sewing machine skills for beginners for 10 weeks, great minds think alike I lie your embroidery project. Sorry I did not stop by last weekend, Miss M ended up breaking her elbow so we spent my blogging time at A&E! Mich x

  4. I have to say if I had to put a label on you I would probably opt more for Rock Chick than Embroiderer! Good for you for signing up to the class, it sounds great :-D


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