Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes, that should say Meal plan Monday, but I haven't really planned anything!

I shall still join in, and after a quick rummage through fridge and freezer, the week looks something like this:

Meal Planning Monday

Monday: Meat and veg
Tuesday: Meat and veg

Just kidding!!! (not really).

I have decided I like this no carb thing, but more on that Wednesday. I can't keep it up permanently though. 

The weekend was particularly rough on me, if you read Saturdays post, you'd understand. I am feeling pretty worthless around the house and home. So I haven't really meal planned, I have some idea, but it's not set in stone. I am doing a Bolognese today, with extra lean beef mince and loads of veg. It will end up being more like a veggie Bolognese, with a little meat.

The rest of the week genuinely will look something like my *diary* above. I have gammon in the fridge, which will be slow cooked, then added to a lot of veg. There will definitely be some curry, always have chicken lying about. After that I am open to suggestions of meals that have no carbs! 

I'm still experimenting and playing with this. I love trying out new things though.

So basically my week will include omelette's for my breakfast, then:

Thursday: Meat and Veg.
Friday: Meat and Veg.

Any way, you get the idea!

x Ojo x
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  1. Way to go, Jo. I have to confess, the wheels fell off for me today. Have been on a bit of a downer due to special needs blah blah.... so stuffed my face full of chocolate AND then had some rice with my chicken curry. I was going to have salad instead of the rice!!! :-(
    Tomorrow is another day!

    1. I can manage the no carb thing quite well, I figure Mon-Fri is better than nothing! lol x


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