Monday, October 21, 2013

Meal plan Monday 21/10

Bit of a strange week from me this week. I have been really struggling to lose weight, and a twitter/blogger friend has given me a diet plan, advised by her personal trainer. I have been saying it's a bit extreme, but I think it's just extreme for me!

Basically for 2 weeks I will be eating, mostly veg and meat. Rather than have the same every day, I've tried to think of meals I can make from the ingredients. I think I've done reasonably well. I won't be adding any extra fat to the meals, and all will be home made.

So here is my meal plan for this week:

I won't be having the Brinner (breakfast for dinner. Idea courtesy of Mama Owl). Instead I'll be having the lean meat and vegetables, leaving off the sausages and bread.

I honestly think the hardest thing will be missing out my crisps! (I am a complete addict).

So that's my plan this week, if you would like to see more ideas click the picture below. It will take you to Mrs. M, where the meal plan originates.

Meal Planning Monday

I shall leave you with a picture of the soup I made last week, it really did turn out perfectly. You can find the recipe HERE.

x Ojo x


  1. Good luck. A friend mentioned to me that instead of having rice with my curry, cook some cauliflower and then smash it and place under the curry. So hard to cut out the carbs.... believe me, I know!! Why don't you treat yourself to a small packet of crisps once a week... we all need a treat! :-)

  2. Good luck!!
    That soup looks does the meal plan x

  3. I am with you on the loosing weight - trying the 5:2 fasting, as the science looks quite good. It is good to see some healthy ideAs from real people that I can poach (sorry, pun intended)


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