Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Me Time and Music

When the children started school full time, I was worried how I would spend all the 'me time' I would be having. Ha! It was quite difficult to find any time to do anything. I seemed to spend my mornings cleaning up after the children 'getting ready' in the morning.

However, as my time is getting better organised, I am getting better organised. I've found time for some new hobbies, like embroidery. I am also finding time for another 2 of my loves.....Horror movies, and music.

Music, mainly, has always been a big part of my life, growing up. When I was a teen I love to go to sleep, and to study, to my favourite music. Of course, all those years ago it was on vinyl! As an adult I love music to clean to, and to relax to. We've bought a record player and a set of speakers, it brings my music back to life. 

The only thing better than sitting at home, listening to old vinyl rock albums, is going to a concert. There really is nothing like going to watch your favourite band/artist, in the flesh. The atmosphere alone is fantastic.

My son is now coming up to 16, and is also a big lover of music. He spends most of his time, like me as a teen, with earphones in. The only difference really, is the size, mine were like having 2 buckets either side of my head! He is now getting to the age where he wants to experience live music. The opportunities for a young adult now are endless.

Can you imagine how many concerts I could have gone to if  London music events were as accessible as they are now! I can get to London, and back, for less than £20! Looking at the London Music Events. I want to go to so many!!

Best not show my son this may end up costing me a fortune!

x Ojo x
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