Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lazy Reasons

Today's reasons to be cheerful is coming to you sofa, under a blanket.

Don't worry, I am not ill. I just can't be bothered!

So, here are my.......

I'm not even going to do a 1,2,3! See, told you I can't be bothered.

I am looking forward to a week off the school run, actually more than a week. My 2 youngest have inset days on the Mon + Tues, after the half term. My eldest just has the Monday, he will NOT be happy. I don't have to get up for him, I set my alarm for 7:30, then I phone him. 
Yes, I phone him. 
He is in the next room, he is notoriously lazy, he sets himself 3 alarms but can't get up for any of them. On top of that, he is seriously grumpy! So I call him, then I can turn over and go back to sleep.

(did warn you this was lazy) 

I have absolutely no plans for next week, my other half will be working which means I have no car. I have 3 children that detest leaving the house, 2 of them would rather not leave their bedrooms. The 3rd won't be in any room alone, so I can look forward to a week of him brushing his teeth every time I pee.

A big positive, is that I have started on the dreaded Big C shopping. I normally start so much earlier, as all my boys birthdays are between boxing day and the end of January. So plans have to be made early. I tend not to buy a lot of presents, that's the autism thing again. If I buy too much, they get overwhelmed, I have seen presents left in a cupboard until June! So I tend to buy 1 big present that I know they really want, then smaller presents that normally relate to the big present. I think Christmas is more about spending time together, which is very rare in our house. 

Of course, nearly all shopping will be done online (lazy).

Finally, all this laziness has led to some lovely sewing getting done and a distinct lack of money spending. Both of which are fantastic reasons to be cheerful, I think.

Hope everyone is having a happy week.

(Disclaimer, I am not normally this lazy. I have just had so much going on lately, I think my body has just gone......*Ugh*)

x Ojo x


  1. I think it might be the time of year or something as I feel a bit like you but have to keep going till I get OH sorted with a job. Enjoy Half Term in your own way as the family you are.
    Interesting to hear about pressies and autism - may explain something about someone I used to know.
    Anyway, have a great week

    1. The best xmas' I have, always involve less presents x

  2. I think that my children would like it in your house :) And you've now given me an extra reason to persuade my son that he needs a mobile phone (12, AS) - ringing him could make my mornings so much less stressful :) Hope next week goes well xx

  3. I am currently shattered and can't wait for week off! Hoping I stay awake enough to drive down south..
    Lazy holiday sounds good to me. My daughter has asked for one big present this Xmas instead of several small/medium...

  4. OMG no wonder you are feeling the need to be lazy if you can't even pee in peace! poor Jo x I don't blame you for not having plans for next week or doing all of your xmas shopping online, a quiet week indoors sounds pretty perfect to me, you could have pyjama and duvet days all week long!

  5. That's the joy of the internet, isn't it? You don't even have to get dressed, and you can shop, communicate and generally be busy without moving! Well done on the shopping.

  6. Staying in bed sounds just fab and I'm developing a love of sewing too. Mich x


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