Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Graveyard

I am going to share with you, one of my favourite, Halloween party foods.........

Now, unfortunately I don't have a picture! I love this, and most children do, but mine are fussy little buggers. Therefore I haven't made it for a few years.

I am not going to put quantities in, as such. Because its all based on what size dish you use, and how much of each thing you prefer! So here is my:

Halloween Graveyard


1 packet of Angel Delight, Chocolate flavour. I prefer the 'no added sugar' one.
Biscuits. Chocolate digestives and Bourbons work best
1 bag of sour worms/Jelly bugs. Readily available around Halloween 


It really is simple. Make the Angel Delight as instructed. 
Place in a large dish, ideally an oblong shape, to add to the effect, don't put it in too deep a dish either.
Before it sets too much, drop in some of your jelly bugs and sour worms, this 'buries' them. 
When set, crumble some of the biscuits on top, to create the earth, along with some more bugs and worms. 
I like to finish off by using bourbons as 'gravestones', broken ones add to the effect.

That's it! 
Told you it was simple, but it looks really effective, and has always been a big hit at past parties. 

Hope you all have a spooktastic Halloween! 

x Ojo x


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