Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Food and Autism.

I write about autism, I write about food. Today I decided to write about both.


Well, let me tell you!

I've always been lucky that RJ doesn't really have food issues. He doesn't like spicy food, but I think that's just because he doesn't like spicy food.....(If you know what I mean). He would practically live off bread, if I allowed it. He can eat a roast dinner and gravy with lightning speed, but again, that's nothing to do with issues, he just loves a good cooked dinner! 

Little A is a whole different kettle of fish...........except he won't eat fish! HA!
In fact he eats very little of anything. I will give you an idea of his daily diet, it's practically the same every day:
Breakfast: cereal bar and a cup of milk
Lunch: Chocolate sandwich, kit kat, and a packet of red or stinky orange (wotsits) crisps
Dinner/Tea: Chips/Waffles and nuggets
Snacks: More crisps or biscuits. Rarely, a very odd thing, salted popcorn. Then, very rarely, a banana or 3.

That is pretty much the same every. single. day.

Too many people have the opinion of: 
'Put it in front of them, if they don't eat it, they'll go hungry. Soon change their minds'

You have no idea how much that p!sses me off! 
You want to try that in my house? You go ahead, and when he doesn't eat for 24 hours, and is crying, will you give in? Or will you shut your mouth about something you know nothing about??
(I'm not talking to YOU, darling readers. I mean the people who think a child, with Autism, will change their mind).

There has been a new product on the market, that has varied the potato products my son eats. They are only available in Iceland. They are oven baked versions of some family favourite crisps. There are Hula Hoops in 3 flavours, Wotsits and McCoys, in 2 flavours. 

As I type this he has tried, and enjoyed, the ready salted Hula Hoops. He has also tried the Wotsits, however, he was not too sure. The point for me is that, he tried it! He doesn't try anything new. A few months ago he put a single sweetcorn kernel in his mouth, then spat it straight out!

Every time he even tries something new is a big bonus for me, I celebrate the little victories. There are many parents of children with Autism that will tell you the same.

x Ojo x

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  1. I hear you on this one. My son is shocking with his food, however, I have been taking it really slowly and encouraging him to smell foods. He has got quite good at that and he is now beginning to try a little taste. I am so excited as he has taken to juicing! Yes, each time our kids try something it is HUGE! :)


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