Friday, October 04, 2013

Do you Workout?

I wanted to write this today, as it's something I struggle with. Exercise is not an easy thing to do, when you have constant nerve pain in your lower back, and a dodgy ankle.

This is what the NHS has to say about exercise guidelines for adults....physical activity guidelines for adults.

This is all well and good, for your average person. I'm too scared at the moment though! What if I go out and my ankle gives way, as it does regularly? Some days my back makes it difficult for me to get out of bed, on these days a little gentle movement helps, which enables me to do slightly more vigorous exercise...........but then that leads me back to my 1st problem, my ankle.

So what do I do? and others like me?

I shake my ass around the living room! That's what!

Yup, and not even to music. Last night I shook what my mama gave me to.........Rizzoli and Isles! A police drama. Do I look daft? Probably. Do I care? Not a bit! My blinds are closed and I'm having fun.

I have currently set myself a target of 7500 steps a day, which includes 20 mins of vigorous movement. I have a fitbit to help me keep track. I really am feeling the difference. I also don't have to worry about falling over, or my ankle giving in. I just collapse on the sofa if it hurts.

This is what I aim to see each day on my fitbit app...

Every day I see, at least, this. I take a screen shot and share it. I apologise if this drives people loopy! It's holding myself accountable.

Do you struggle to keep fit? Do you have any suggestions for an old wreck like me? Please do let me know, I am really trying to get mobile.

x Ojo x


  1. Do I work out? - Yes of course I do.........NOT! haha I confess Jo, I am not a fitness fiend, I could never ever do keep fit videos or any of that jump around with Mad Lizzy in front of your tv nonsense. I had an exercise bike once that made so much noise I got a headache using it.

    I walk a lot through the fields and down our lanes and I suppose I charge about the garden and jump around on the trampoline most days. I don't often sit down during the day, I know they're not an option for you with your ankle, but what you are doing sounds like a really good effort and you'll probably find as time goes on and the fitter you start feeling, the more you'll want to and be able to do.

    Have you thought about swimming? I know lots of pools have closed sessions, were it is only a very small group of people (usually ladies our age and older) Swimming is very low impact, so it shouldn't bother your back or ankle. You don't have to be a very competent swimmer either, at my pool, they also open the children's shallower pool, so those who can't swim well or swim very far can have the confidence to get in the water xx

    1. I am planning on going back to the pool, just stuff seems to have for in the way the last couple of weeks!

      They have adult only swims at ours, weekday lunch time xx


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