Saturday, October 19, 2013

10 Things That.....

In a bit of a ranty mood today. I am feeling a lot better, in myself, but some things just need to be said. So today I am doing a list of 10 things that P!ss me off!

Now if you read something and think.....'I do that'. This is in no way aimed at anyone in particular, I am not thinking of people, just things I see, that get on my nerves. I will not suddenly take a dislike to you, just because you do something that annoys me! I don't actually spend any time with people outside my home, so it would be difficult to avoid people any more! Ha ha

So here is my list of...

1. People that don't indicate! I know it's an obvious one, but why is it so bloody hard?! You flick your finger, that's it!? You be quick enough to flip ME the finger, if I got on your nerves driving, wouldn't you? You stupid non-indicating drivers!

2. People that post 'I love my (insert relative)' pictures. OK, I'm sorry to everyone I know that has done this. But it gets on my nerves. OK, so you love your kids..........why not try telling them, instead of facebook?? Firstly, the child your saying it to, probably isn't even old enough to be on facebook. Secondly, NOT posting it will not make me think you love your children less?!

3. Smoking when pregnant. Now before you all jump down my throat about this one I smoked up until, just over, a year ago. However I didn't smoke, AT ALL, once I knew I was carrying a child. Yes it's hard, very hard, but if you love your child, that's growing inside you, give him/her a fair chance! If you can't give up totally, fair enough! At least cut back, and don't walk the streets with a massive bump and a fag hanging from your mouth. It doesn't look cool, it looks nasty.

4. People who say they will be somewhere, then aren't. This is a big bug bear of mine. If I say I am going to be somewhere, then I phone/message you that day, saying I'm not going, I guarantee you there will be a bloody good reason! If something has come up, fair enough. But when you simple don't turn up, well that's just rude. It's also a big waste of other peoples time. They've taken the time for you, so have some respect. When it keeps happening, then people will stop trusting your word. 

5. Teenagers who think they are cool, by being 'moody'. You're not, stop it, you look stupid.

6. People who take advantage. I will help you out any way I can, I love sending out little gifts to make people smile, especially if they've been having a rough time. But where are people when I feel like crap? Just because I don't shout from the rooftops about my depression, does not mean it isn't there anymore. The only people that have been there for me lately, and I've been going through a really rough patch, are my mum and Twitter! My boys are not much better, in the last couple of weeks I have only seen them long enough to feed them?! If they want anything, mind you, it will result in an almighty strop if it's not done
7. Drama Queens. Ugh, this one drives me crazy! Overreacting to the little things. People deal with some major crap in their lives, without saying a word. Then someone has a tiff with their other half, or a bit of a sniffle,  and the world is ending! Grow up, move on, deal with it!

8. My body. This is the one that really started my 'ranty' type day today! I watched my food, I have eaten loads of fresh veg. I have exercised most days, really working a sweat up. I GAINED 5lb this week?! I mean WTaF??? 

9. Nasty Drunks. Just no. Have fun or stay in.......simple.

10. The world domination of Soap Operas. I have not watched Eastenders since the Mitchel brothers, I have never watched the others, I don't like them. A big storyline will take up most of a facebook feed. 'Celebrity' talent shows are taken over by the actors from them. They are everywhere! I am not saying these people are not good actors, most of them have to churn out massive story lines in days. I just don't see how a work of fiction can take over everything? If you're not a fan, like me, or you don't watch, like me, the world won't end!

So that's it. My ranty, things that get on my nerves, post. 
It's not a definitive list. A lot more things p!ss me off.

Do you want to join in? Leave a comment on here, or one of the many places I share.

x Ojo x


  1. I LOVE your list. You won't believe it but I also haven't watched Eastenders since the Mitchell brothers, shit how many years ago was that!!!! As for your weight... I have just started with a trainer (with other girls to keep the cost down) and he has given me a hectic diet for two weeks... as a kick start! Happy to email it to you if you want! I have lost two kgs! xx

  2. ooh I can relate to most of those!

    1. You'll have one of those moody teens yourself, soon enough! x

  3. Oop I do like my eastenders I'm afraid but I can live without the rest!

  4. We're like peas in a pod with your 'pisses me off' list, they all piss me off too!
    Sucks you're having a rough time, ding me whenever you want a rant/moan or whatever xx

    1. I hate lumbering all my shit on others, we all have hard days xx


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