Sunday, September 08, 2013

Welsh Bloggers 2

I started this, then had my holiday. So now I am home, I shall carry on.

As I said in my the first post (here), I am just going to start rounding up what is going on with Bloggers in Wales (Or bloggers from Wales, now living elsewhere). Since starting my blog, just over a year ago, I have struggled to find others out there, from Wales. When I put the call out about finding others, I was surprised just how many there were!

In my first few blogs, I shall just be introducing them, when I have done that, I shall start rounding up some of the bloggers favourite posts. (yes, I pinched a little bit of the idea from a certain, well known, blogger

So here we go with Blog number 2, Welsh Bloggers.

This is a blogger, I think, very much like myself. She writes about the day to day goings on with her 2 children. She also adds some great ideas, for fun things to do with little children. A must read for parents of little ones.

Probably the best known Welsh Blogger, with a large following on Twitter, and most probably her blog too. There is a reason for this, her honesty. She writes beautifully about her and, her little one. I personally, love reading her posts. It was only when she posted about Barry Island, that I realised she was from Wales! Her writing never feels stale or forced. She also fills it with some beautiful photography.

Another one that I was reading for a while, before realising she was Welsh! (You see why I thought it was needed!). I started reading this originally, because of the title. I am, after all, a mum of 3 boys. She also has the added joy of a little girl. She writes with such enthusiasm about her family, and the stuff they do. A very infectious blog, really makes you feel what she is feeling.

I am ashamed to say, this is a new one to me. She is now added to my BlogLovin list though. A lovely read, with some stunning pictures of her daughter and twin sons. I can see me writing a lot more about this lady in future, after all, anyone who chooses to live in our beautiful country, is alright with me!

I cannot believe that I, very nearly, forgot about this wonderful woman, and her blog! I tweet regularly with M, the author of this blog. From Cardiff and learning to be mum, as well as running a business. To top it off she is also a runner! (I suddenly feel very inadequate). A genuinely lovely, warm person, behind an enthusiastic and truthful blog.

Mama You Talk
My first recommendation, when it comes to this blog, is go to the 'About' page, and discover how the blog was named. I think this woman is quite inspirational. Her love of her children simply floods from the screen. She writes about homeschooling her daughter, as well as dealing with the everyday needs of a child with additional needs AND coping with a teen! This woman has my respect.

So that's my 2nd shout out done, I have another one to do, then I will start a regular round up. I hope you get a chance to give these blogs a look. Just click on their names to see them.

If you know of any bloggers that would fit this round up, please let me know. Either comment on here, or tweet me (Click the little pink bird with T on her belly, to find me on Twitter). I hope you'll get to look around mine too!


  1. So many lovely bloggers from all parts of our country.

    1. there are aren't there. I just wanted to share our little corner of GB xx

  2. First of all, massive apologies for taking such a flipping long time to come and comment.

    Secondly, thank you *so* much for your kind words! You absolutely made my day when I read this post originally, and re-reading it now I'm just as wowed and chuffed! I really value everything you've said, it's one of the nicest descriptions I've ever read of my blog.

    Off to check out the others I don't know!

    Thanks again!


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