Monday, September 16, 2013

Meal Plan Monday 16/09

I do enjoy putting these meal plans together, and we are getting a little more organised. Last week we ended up only eating 3 of the meals that were plan on the right day!

I've already been shopping, we popped out this morning to make sure that we had the lunchbox stuff. It was actually quite a successful shop, especially as we took the 2 youngest with us.

They coped really well with the supermarket, we intentionally go to the quieter one when we have little A with us. He knows the layout and, the aisles we use, don't tend to change drastically.
(I do wish supermarkets would bare this in mind, when they swap and change things)

This weeks plan is a mix of convenience and home cooking. I have a bit of a bug at the moment, and the thought of spending hours chopping and sorting in the kitchen doesn't really appeal. Lying on the sofa with a book appeals!

These are the meals we will be having this week:
(days to be decided when we have 5 mins, all together)

Spaghetti Bolognese
(possibly with HM garlic bread rolls)

Burgers in buns, with salad 
(probably without buns and with Baked potato for me)
(We got a good deal on fresh burgers in the Supermarket)

Steak, chips, garlic mushrooms and onion rings
(Because I wanted it!)

Slow cooked gammon
(just mmmmmm)

Tinned ham with Chips and peas/beans
(kids favourite)

There will be no roast this week! We are off out for the day, where shall be revealed soon!

I shall be joining with Mrs.M why not pop along, for some ideas, if you're stuck.

x Ojo x


  1. Replies
    1. I turned into homer Simpson when it comes to slow cooked gammon lol x

  2. Ohh yummy!! Everything sounds fab!!
    Tinned ham with Chips & Beans is a favourite in our house too :)

    1. Its just one of those meals isn't it!? Xx

  3. Replies
    1. I have to admit, I love it! Middle bit would live on it if given the choice! Xx

  4. Slow cooked gammon....definitely mmmmm! Meal plans really are useful, my student friends don't believe in them but I find them so helpful!


    1. It just helps me keep things organised x

  5. Gammon is teasing me, I've been reading through everyone's plans and several people are having it. Will have to see if I can squeeze one in towards the end of the month.


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