Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Living Life and Blossoming

I have been watching the series Fat: The Fight Of Their Lives on Sky Living. It was the last in the series last night, but I have put the link up, so you can get an idea of the programme, if you didn't watch.

I haven't missed an episode, this series, and I must admit.........some of it has really hit a nerve for me.

I've stated before, I do have issues around food. I do have problems with binge eating. 

I think I may finally be gaining back control.....

Since turning 40, I have genuinely started seeing life differently. Also seeing myself differently.

My confidence has blossomed. I know longer see myself as the ugly, chubby person.

Now I see myself as an attractive, curvy woman. This is a lot to do with the love of a good man, who has never seen me as anything else! I have never liked myself, I still don't like looking at my body in the mirror, but showing my husband, well, it no longer holds any fear for me.

When I dress to go out, I think I look good. I have been talking this through, if some bloke was to look at me and disagree..........I genuinely don't care. That persons opinion means nothing to me. I know what I saw in the mirror, when I got dressed. I may not be attractive to another person, but I'm not trying to!

Body image, food and exercise have been the bane of my life, for most of my life (like many woman, I should imagine). It's changing, and I love it.

I am still doing the 5:2 diet, but not beating myself up if I have a little more than I should. 
I am enjoying cooking/baking again, a little of what I fancy is good.
I have a wardrobe full of clothes I like, and think I look good in.

Exercise is a work in progress, I am terrible for not exercising all day, then beating myself up for being lazy! This stops now! I put the call out on my FB page last night and had a couple of responses from friends. So this Thursday, I shall be starting swimming, at our local council run pool. They do adults only every lunch time. I do hope my friends come, but I shall be going regardless.

I see this as another step in the right direction for my health. I have always believed my unhealthy lifestyle would lead me to an early grave. It's time to change that.

"I am woman, hear me roar"

Come join me, see yourself as others see you. 
It's time I controlled my lifestyle not let my lifestyle control me.

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  1. Really motivating post! I can't think of the last time I exercised, and I know I'm only young but I think if I found myself a sporty hobby now I'd keep it up!

    I hope you enjoy swimming :)



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