Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just a quick one.....

I am having a family day today, but I am popping on before the film starts (Iron Man 3) to tell you about a funny this week!

Firstly a little background, this is a picture of my eldest and youngest boys....

They are incredibly close, always have been, even though there are 10 years between them.

The other day they were sat, similar to this, but little A was awake. They were playing a game on the Ipad.

As you know, little A is autistic. One of the traits that he has, is that he doesn't understand jokes and sarcasm. 
The teen is quiet sarcastic, and funny.

The last couple of days, little A has had a cold, and is sneezing........a lot. He sneezed over KJ, who's response was "lovely?!".

I hadn't heard most of this, I just heard little A asking me 
"What does lovely mean?"
Me: "It means something is nice"

At which point he turns to KJ and says.....

"So you like me sneezing on your arm?"

I love these little confusions, they are part of all our learning curve. This one had me and KJ tickled.

Right Iron Man is starting, see you tomorrow!

x Ojo x


  1. Aww bless!! Too cute!!
    Enjoy the film x

  2. That is cute. I have this problem with being my son taking things literally now and then. He has sort of got the idea now and when he is not sure of something he will say Really??


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